Vídeos Prodigiosa Aventuras Ladybug


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Vídeos Prodigiosa Aventuras Ladybug is an application with which young children can enjoy this fun series with superheroes, easily spending hours and hours mesmerized by the adventures of Ladybug, or Marinette, the student that transforms into this heroine whenever she protects the citizens of Paris.

This app is designed so that children can select and watch episodes without adult supervision. The episodes are listed in order, and to play one, all you have to do is tap it. This way, children can watch episodes directly from the app itself, making it easier for them to manage without the help of an adult.

With Vídeos Prodigiosa Aventuras Ladybug, you can let your children, cousins, or nephews and nieces enjoy this fun series by themselves. They could easily spend a whole afternoon entertained by the adventures of Marinette, the heroine of Paris.
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